Week 1: June 6-10 “Beach Party!”

Welcome to Camp JOY! This week, campers will celebrate the start of summer with lots of exciting beach activities and some fun in the sun.

Week 2: June 13-17 “Digging for Dinosaurs”

Head back in time to the world of  dinosaurs! See what creatures we find through fossil- hunting, dinosaur projects, and adventure-filled stories.

Week 3: June 20-24 “Blast Off!”

Join us this week as we explore outer space. Have you ever wondered if there’s life on other planets or how a star is made? Take the adventure of a lifetime as we learn all about space and the universe with fun facts and activities. Starting in 3…2…1…

Week 4: June 27-Jul 1 “Down on the Farm”

There is so much to see and hear and  do on a farm!  Come explore with us this week as we  become farmers and learn all about life on a farm.

Week 5: July 11-15 “Build it Together”

What’s more fun than building the tallest tower? Building it with all of your friends! This week is about working together to engineer magnificent structures.

Week 6: July 18-22 “Safari Animal Adventure”

Lions and tigers and elephants…   Oh my!  Campers will enjoy the great outdoors while  learning about many animals through games, art and play.

Week 7: July 25-29 “Superhero Camp”

Celebrate all our heroes – from comic book heroes to real life heroes. This will truly be an action-packed week of camp.

Week 8: Aug 1-5 “It’s a Bug’s Life”

During the summer, we see many bugs  creeping, crawling, and flying around us. We will go on bug  hunts to discover the smaller creatures that live outdoors!

Week 9: Aug 8-12 “Happy Campers”

Our last week of summer camp has us going on a camp out full of tents and campfires and fireflies. Join us for a fun-filled week in the great outdoors.