Take a peek at our camp sessions for Camp JOY 2023 – stay tuned for more information for our 2024 Summer Camp!

Week 1: June 5-9 “Beach Party!”

Welcome to Camp Joy! This week, campers will celebrate the start of the summer with lots of exciting beach activities and some fun in the sun.

Week 2: June 12-16 “Down at the Farm”

There is so much to see and hear and do on a farm! Come explore with us this week as we become farmers and learn all about life down on the farm.

Week 3: June 19-23 “Blast Off”

Join us this week as we explore outer space.  Have you ever wondered if there’s life on other planets or how a star is made? Take the adventure of a lifetime as we learn all about space and the universe with fun facts and activities. Starting in 3…2…1…

Week 4: June 26-30 “Safari Animal Adventure”

Lions and tigers and elephants…Oh my! Campers will enjoy the great outdoors while learning about many animals through games, art, and play.

Week 5: July 10-14 “Mad Scientists”

This week we will head into our laboratories and explore the world of science. Get your lab coats and goggles ready as we spend the week observing experiments.

Week 6: July 17-21 “Digging for Dinosaurs”

Head back in time to the world of dinosaurs! See what creatures we find through fossil-hunting, dinosaur projects, and adventure-filled stories.

Week 7: July 24-28 “Superhero Camp”

Celebrate all our heroes – from comic book heroes to real life heroes. This will truly be an action-packed week of camp.

Week 8: July 31-Aug 4 “It's a Bug's Life”

During the summer, we see many bugs creeping, crawling, and flying around us. This week, we will go on bug hunts to discover the smaller creatures that live outdoors!

Week 9: Aug 7-11 “Build It Together”

What’s more fun than building the tallest tower? Building it with all of your friends! This week is about working together to engineer magnificent structures.